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With each client's unique circumstances and needs in mind,

we offer a variety of customized legal services to best help resolve your family law matter,

no matter where you are located.


Check out some of our services below!


We can advise you on a variety of family law issues including how to deal with the legal and practical aspects of separation and divorce. For example, you might need advice on how you can protect your assets or what your legal entitlements and obligations might look like in the event of separation. Consultations are useful to discuss and assess your concerns and priorities, the strengths and weaknesses of your legal position, as well as your options. There may be considerations you have not thought of.  If you are not yet working with a lawyer, an initial consultation can provide an opportunity to get to know us and help you decide if you want further assistance with your legal matter. If you intend to minimize legal costs by self-representing, additional consultations can help you along the way. We take a flexible approach to suit your needs.


We can assist you to obtain a divorce by way of a "desk order" sole or joint application for divorce, whether you were married in Canada or another country. We can also assist with same-sex divorce under the Civil Marriage Act if you married in Canada, whether or not you or your spouse resides in BC - everything can be done remotely!


As an alternative to litigation or in conjunction with litigation, ADR can help minimize the strain on family relationships as well as the costs, time and stress that inevitably result from litigating disputes.


Preparing Family Law Agreements

Entering into a Family Law Agreement can keep you out of court, protect your assets and help you know what to expect in the event of separation.

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Marriage Agreements

  • Separation Agreements​

  • Property Agreements

Independent Legal Advice ("ILA")

ILA is particularly important in the context of Family Law Agreements. Obtaining ILA helps you to better understand the meaning, effect and implications of the contract you are entering into and makes it more enforceable. 

Negotiation and Mediation

There may be issues which need to be resolved before entering into a family law Agreement or obtaining a divorce. Among other things, we can assist with:

  • negotiating with the opposing party or opposing counsel on your behalf;

  • advising with respect to settlement offers and counteroffer;

  • preparing and presenting settlement offers and counteroffers;

  • preparing for and attending mediation; and

  • legal coaching for self-representing parties.

Legal Opinions

A written legal opinion offers a deeper analysis of the issues relating to the particular circumstances of your matter to help you make informed decisions about your family matter.



In come cases, legal disputes end up in court. Among other things, we can assist with:

  • preparing, revising, filing and serving Supreme Court Family Forms and other documents;

  • reviewing and revising the self-drafted Family Forms of self-representing litigants;

  • legal coaching for self-representing litigants; and

  • preparing for and attending Judicial Case Conferences.

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